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My name is Carla McCall and I'm the new Friends Charities co-ordinator.  

This is a new role for the Friends committee and I'd like to take a moment to share with you all a little bit about this important new additioin to the committee.
My job will be to help with the organization of selecting a new charity to support for 2015/16 and keeping all the parents informed on the fund-raising activities and where all the money earned is being distributed. I will start with a list of the suggested charities, will be a liaison between the school and the charity of choice,  track how much money is being raised, and share that information with everyone via a new section of the website that will be designed to keep everyone up to date of all our efforts and fund raising activities. 
With next year's charity choice happening soon, I would like to ask you all to share with me any ideas you may have regarding a charity for next years support. There are three things to keep in mind when nominating a charity as outlined below in an email from Janine, our chair. I would like to thank you in advance for your support & suggestions, and look forward to hearing from many of you.
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It is the policy of the Friends of KGPS to re-select their chosen favourite charity every two years in order to keep the children informed about the wealth of good causes that surround our community.  As such, during next term we will be selecting a new charity to support with our fund-raising for the school years 2014/15 - 2015/16.
There are three parameters that govern the choice of charity:
•   They have to be local
•   They have to be child-centered
•    They have to be able to accommodate some involvement by our children with their good cause, so they can see their fund-raising being put to good use
We would like to invite our school community to nominate charities that fulfil these parameters to the Friends Committee between now and the end of term.  We will then ask the School Council to research each charity and present their findings to their classes.  The children themselves will decide which two charities they would like the whole school community to vote on - at which point we will set up a doodle poll to canvass votes from all our families within school to decide who will benefit from the Friends fund-raising, by the end of the summer term.  
The choice of charity is an important one in the life of our school, as they benefit significantly from the funds raised by the Friends through our social events and Summer fairs.  Two years ago, 'REACT' received in the region of £8000 over two years, and so far we have donated  £5000 to Shooting Stars Hospice.  Please support our children’s interest in these good causes, and let us know who you would like us to consider supporting over the next two years.

Friends are supporting...

Barnfield Riding for Disabled

We formed the group in 1987 to assist any disabled person to enjoy the pleasure and physical benefits of Horse Riding. We started with one rider and now help around 50 disabled riders, mostly children from special Schools based locally.

We simply give children and adults who are mentally or physically disabled in some way - for example blind, autistic, or suffering from some accidental injury - the chance to ride horses. But this doesn't just make their lives more enjoyable; horse riding is a genuine proven help in strengthening muscles, improving co-ordination, relieving stress, and giving general psychological encouragement.

Every rider needs up to three helpers on hand, one to lead the horse and two 'side walk' to ensure his/her safety and guard against accidents. The helpers are all local people who give a morning or afternoon a week to the project. Our volunteers are united in their desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.

Many of the riders are pupils at Linden Lodge or Strathmore School and some riders are brought individually by parents or carers. Their disabilities are varied as their personalities, but all have in common the enjoyment and benefit they gain from experience Barnfield provides.

As a totally self funded charity Barnfield Riding for Disabled is reliant on donations and on-going fund raising efforts of everyone involved. It costs over £20.000 per year to run the facility.

Registered Charity 107373