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Age Range

Kew Green accepts boys and girls into Reception in the September following their fourth birthday and older pupils at the start of every term if spaces are available. Parents must commit to keeping their child at Kew until secondary transfer at 11 years.


Gardener Schools Group

Gardener Schools Group, the proprietor of Kew Green Preparatory School, was founded by the experienced teachers who set up Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School in 1991.  Kew Green Preparatory School opened in 2004. The owning shareholders are Maria Gardener and Theo Brehony. The Board of the Gardener Schools Group is comprised of the following Directors:


Maria Gardener – Director Of Education, Chairperson, Company Owner

Theo Brehony – Managing Director, Company Owner

Michael Herington – Director, Company Secretary

Jessen Chen – Director Of Operations

Maria Gardener, formerly the Head of Ravenscourt Park and more recently Headmistress of Kew Green is now Director of Education for overseeing Kew Green Preparatory School, Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School and Kew House Senior School.


Advisory Governors

Kew Green benefits from having an Advisory Governing Body. This is made up of the Headmaster, Deputy Head, an elected Teacher Governor, elected Parent Governor and a number of individuals chosen for their experience in business and education, one of whom acts as the Chairperson. The body meets once a term to discuss all matters relating to the school and its future and to pass on advice to the Headmaster and proprietors of Kew Green Preparatory School (Gardener Schools Group). The Advisory Governors have no financial oversight with the school and do not manage the school but are there to put forward an independent point of view.

Please note, the Parent Governor is the spokesperson for parents. He or she can be approached to deal with your queries and raise educational or non-educational matters with the governing body. The Advisory Governors constitution is available upon request at the school office.


Make a complaint

Should you wish to make a formal complaint to the proprietors of Gardener Schools Group, please visit our website.





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Ravenscourt Park Preparatory School


Kew House Senior School


Gardener Schools Group


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