Our main aim is to ensure our pupils become confident mathematicians, able to think independently, to organise their work logically and to employ a range of strategies to solve theoretical and practical problems.


The children's work emphasises the cross-curricular nature of mathematics.  Pupils have visited Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare at Hampton to learn how Palladian architecture was influenced by symmetry and proportion.  Upper School participated in a Kew Green generated census while Lower School have used tide timetables to monitor the level of the Thames.


The mathematics in Lower School is based on practical activities to ensure the pupils develop a sound understanding of number and mental computation.  In Upper School the focus gradually changes to more abstract problem-solving in preparation for the 11+ process.  All Upper School children have a Mathletics account allowing them access to online reinforcement activities for homework where appropriate and also mental agility workouts. 


The school participates in the Primary Mathematics Challenge, the Cayley Challenge and World Maths Day.