Friends Mission Statement

Friends of KGPS Mission Statement and Structure 

Mission Statement – 2017/18



The mission of the Friends is to:


1. support and enhance the social fabric of the school for children, parents, and teachers, by helping to provide a stimulating and    enjoyable learning environment for the children and to support their social well-being; and

2. support an external local charity* - as KGPS is a well funded and equipped private school and therefore, every two years, we nominate (and the whole school is invited to vote for) a charity to which we donate 50%** of all our annual income.


To achieve these objectives, the Friends:


•encourage parental involvement in the school generally and provide a forum for parents to discuss school-related matters;


•organise social occasions for children and parents; •support activities for the children in addition to those the school offers; and •carry out fundraising ventures to help our nominated charity.



The following guidelines are designed to support these objectives:

The Friends will only fund/support school projects which are over and above the normal school routine. No funding is to be provided for day-to-day activities or basic school equipment or infrastructure. A preference is given to school projects and activities which:


o bring together parents, staff and children; and

o (over time) benefit all children in the school (i.e. funding should not be consistently focused on a particular age group or interest area).


our criteria for choosing a local nominated charity are that the charity must


* be local and child focussed.


**the ratio of 50% to the nominated charity and 50% to school projects will be revisited at the next nominated charity vote at the end of summer 2017.


The Friends of Kew Green Preparatory School (“Friends”) is a registered charity no. 1141929.