Year 3 at Hilltop 2018

30 April 2018

The wind and rain that we hoped to leave behind in Kew followed us all the way to Norfolk, however the children didn't let it dampen their spirits on the first day! Shortly after arriving and 'unpacking', they were playing trust games and learning how to use the harnesses and ropes during the activities for the rest of the week. 

A hearty first meal of bbq chicken, wedges and salad was well received, and the day was rounded off with story time for all teachers, children and cuddly toys!

It has been a really positive first day and everyone is looking forward to the activities beginning in earnest tomorrow, and the rain stopping!

Over and out from Norfolk...

The Year 3 Team!


Day 2 - And Then The Sun Came Out!



We woke today to beautiful blue skies that stayed with us throughout a fun-packed day! After breakfast, we immediately split into our four activity groups and headed out to different corners of the site. All children will complete the same activities by the end of the week, however today's groups had a taste of the zip wires, agility and assault courses, archery and bushcraft skills. 

The children worked in teams for the activities and it was great to see them encouraging and supporting each other at all times, especially if one of their friends was having a slight wobble before taking the leap of faith at the top of the 'big zipper!'

After dinner this evening, the children ventured back out into woods for a scavenger hunt to use up any remaining energy they possibly had left, then it was a brief recount of the day, story time and bed!

It has been a really positive day and we are looking forward to more of the same tomorrow!


Day 3 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough!


Now that the children have fully settled in, today was their chance to take on the most exciting and challenging activities Hilltop has to offer! Rock climbing and the Power Fan were first up, with children scaling the walls with ease, cheering on each other as they climbed. Once the children had the climb under their belts, the Power Fan was up next. The chance to quickly reach the floor with a huge jump, followed by a gentle descent to the ground in their harnesses, was much more exciting than taking the stairs! It was so nice to see everyone cheering each other on as they abseiled down, with the chant for Mr Stahlmann on his turn being so loud, that every single group in HIlltop could hear it!

After such an impressive day the children then took on the challenge of dinner! Lasagne, garlic bread and salads were enjoyed by all, and just when they thought they had no more room left, out came a huge chocolate birthday cake for Matilda to celebrate her birthday! I can safely say that in the 3 days of being at Hilltop so far, I have yet to hear the phrase 'I'm hungry' from anyone, including the teachers!

Evening games are up next, with football, rounders and many more favourites in full swing. Another impressive day from all of the children, tomorrow better be ready for them!


As the last full day of Hilltop began, excited whispers of 'Super Swing' swept through the breakfast room. After a three course breakfast, the children were ready to face the day. They listened carefully to the explanation of how it all works, and took on the advice of 'challenge by choice'. As the first children readied to take on their fears and master the almighty black level, others busied themselves helping to move the stairs, and most importantly, cheer on their freinds. The support and encouragement from peer to peer has been marvellous, and undoubtedly helped many to push themselves that litte bit further. Everybody left feeling elated and rather chuffed with themselves. 

A speedy and delicious lunch later, we were off out to tackle the high ropes. It's an excellent activity, where the children can choose their own level of challenge, and all managed to impress themselves. Taking the step away from the upright pole, and out into the middle of a beam can be daunting, but with the cheers of their friends roaring from down below, it was hard to resist taking that step. A quick trip to the tuck shop, dinner, and a final evening together later and the children are all ready for bed. Tired but happy, they're all suitably proud of themselves, and awaiting the excitement of seeing their family's tomorrow. 



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