Year 4 Moorland Hall Residential 2018

14 May 2018


Room allocations and groups were met with cheers and much excitement and the children had fun unpacking their bags and sorting out their rooms. Following a tour of the venue we set off for our first activity - the hill walk. After an energetic hike, we arrived at the trig point and found ourselves surrounded by spectacular views! (As you can see from the photos) 

Much fun was had playing the counting game; the hiding skills of some were seriously impressive. Once back on site, they opened up the pool and swimming and football kept us occupied until dinner. There was not a cloud in the sky all day, fingers crossed this incredible weather sticks around for the rest of the week.

Tummies are now very full after a delicious dinner and evening activities are well under way (team building games). We will shortly be settling down to a bedtime story from Mr Searle - an ideal end to a wonderful day! The children are exhausted after all the fresh air and exercise so will sleep soundly tonight I am sure! If Day 1 is anything to go on, this is going to be an amazing residential! Good night from all of us here at Moorland Hall.


Day 2


After another incredibly sunny day full of activities the children are now well fed and ready for bed… The day began with a lovely cooked breakfast and a morning full of adventure. Throughout the day we did a variety of activities including: The leap of faith, archery, crate stacking, survival skills, a walk on the Moors and some kayaking. The children showed great courage, teamwork and determination. They were engaged and interested in everything they did and the instructors commented on the high quality of questions being asked. Each and every one of them has pushed themself beyond their comfort zone and experienced some ‘character building’ moments.


The children have really embraced the freedom of choice that they have been given in between activities and the pool and football pitch have been taken full advantage of. The dinner monitors have done a sterling job of laying the tables and keeping the dining room tidy and the table manners have been impeccable. In fact, dinner times have been a real pleasure!


Watching the leap of faith and seeing the children face their fears with confidence and gusto was a definite highlight for all of us. Posy’s grin (see photo) sums up the sense of achievement they all felt perfectly! Theo and Zach’s crate stacking master class was something else. The strategy they used was faultless and it was only when asked to pose for a photo that they stumbled and lost focus. The leadership skills of some during the hike around the Moors were impressive and the letter boxing produced shrieks of delight. Nerves were high for some whilst kayaking for the first time but were soon overshadowed by the excitement and temptation of swimming in the cool lake on such a beautiful day.


Their final burst of energy was used for the evening activity, where they searched the gardens for clues and once again pulled together as teams to try and win the game. They struggled to keep their eyes open during story time and we have no doubt that they will all sleep like babies! Good night from all of us here at Moorland Hall. 


Day 3


Even though the sun deserted us and there was a bit of rain, it didn’t dampen the spirits or enthusiasm of the children as they embarked on the activities they had yet to do. It was rather quiet on site this morning as two of the groups went kayaking and another enjoyed the walk on the Moors. The group who stayed here had a lot of fun making houses for Banana Bob and enjoyed pancakes cooked on their very own campfires. Most of the kayakers braved the swim in the lake after their session - a few of them not by choice! The walkers soon got over their initial apprehension about the weather and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the landscape and hunting for letter boxes. A sheep jaw was discovered and then a lot of convincing was needed for it not to brought home as a gift for parents!


The afternoon was filled with shrieks of delight as crates fell and the leap of faith was mastered. The bravery of some was truly remarkable. The accuracy of the archers improved – watch out Team GB. The map reading skills of Group 1 really impressed Mr Bennett, as he was successfully navigated to the various Tors. They also managed to break the letter boxing record with 20 boxes found. Once everyone was back on site, the children enjoyed some indoor down time with games and their books. They are all now well settled into the natural rhythm of this wonderful place and gave the chicken curry for dinner 10 out 10!


Pictionary was the order of the evening before the regular story time and settling down to bed. The children have been on the go since we arrived and are exhausted after the excitement of the past two days. They haven’t stopped smiling though and the instructors are constantly commenting on how fantastic they are. We are certainly very lucky to come away with such a charismatic, independent group of children who are so determined to make the most of every opportunity thrown their way!


Bedtime was a breeze! I am sure tomorrow morning will be a repeat of this morning, where practically every child needed to be woken up at 7:30. In fact, “please can we have one more hour?’ was asked by one of them! Looking forward to another sunny day tomorrow where we will get to explore the delights of Padstow. We cannot quite believe that we are already more than halfway though our trip. Good night from all of us here at Moorland Hall.


Day 4


What an incredibly way to finish our fantastic trip! The weather was ideal and the crabbing, ice-cream, beach walk and sand castle competition were thoroughly enjoyed by all. We set off straight after breakfast and were dropped off in Rock. We then caught the ferry across to the bustling port of Padstow. After a picnic lunch on the quayside the children tried their hand at crabbing. The excitement and laughter was heard throughout the town and many crabs were caught. A trip to the ice-cream parlour then finished off the morning perfectly.


We then returned to Rock and set off on our scenic, headland walk. The children relished the feeling of sand on their bare feet and were fascinated by all the bits and pieces lying on the sand. Shoes were then put back on for the final stretch along the sublime cliffs of Polzeath. When we reached the main beach, the children were given the opportunity to change into their swimming costumes before the sand castle competition commenced. At this stage, there was barely any water in sight… as the tide rushed in, the children frantically attempted to keep their castles standing. It was all over much quicker than any of us expected but the sheet delight on their faces, as the final waves demolished the lot, was a fantastic ending to a wonderful day! In Milo’s words: “This doesn’t look like England, it looks like Barbados!” sums up the beauty of the place perfectly.


“I don’t want to go home!” echoes the sentiment of most of us (teachers included). Today was a truly memorable day and we are sure the children will treasure it for a long time. Bags are packed, the children are showered and very ready for bed; and they are of course looking forward to seeing their mums and dads tomorrow. In Alice’s words: “ I am feeling happy and sad… sad that we have to go home to London but happy because I am going to see my mum and dad!”


We are incredibly proud of each and every one one of them; we have had nothing but compliments from anyone who has come into contact with them. Even the lady in the ice-cream shop commented on what polite children we had! They were brilliant ambassadors for Kew Green Prep. It is safe to say that this will go down as one of the best residentials ever and the children will be talking about it for weeks to come.




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