Staff List


Staff List 2017 / 2018



Senior Leadership Team


Headmaster                                                                Jem Peck – BSc in Geography; Primary PGCE

Deputy Head                                                              Susanna Gillett – BEd (Hons) in Mathematics          

Head of Upper School                                                Giles Puckle – BSc (Hons) in Sports Science with QTS

Head of Lower School                                                Morwenna Davies – BSc (Hons) in Combined Biological Sciences; Primary PGCE

Head of Professional Development                            Andrew Taylor – BEd (Hons) in Theatre Studies (Cantab); MA in Playwriting Studies

Director of Studies                                                      Toni Riemer - B Prim Ed (South Africa)



Class Teachers


6G Teacher, Head of Maths                                       Paula Ullstein – BEd (Hons) in Primary Education

6K Teacher, Head of Professional Development       Andrew Taylor – BEd (Hons) in Theatre Studies (Cantab); MA in Playwriting Studies        

5G Teacher & Head of Life Skills                               Laura Wright – BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

5K Teacher & Head of English                                   Kate Bennett – BA (Hons) English; MA Journalism; PGCE Secondary English

4G Teacher                                                                Sean Bennett – BSc (Hons) in Sport Science and Geography; Primary PGCE                   

4K Teacher & Director of Studies                               Toni Riemer – B Prim Ed (South Africa)

3K Teacher                                                                 Catherine Bailey – BA (Hons) Primary Education

3G Teacher                                                                Harriet Morris – BA (Hons) in Primary Education with QTS

2K Teacher & Head of Lower School                         Morwenna Davies – BSc (Hons) in Combined Biological Sciences; Primary PGCE

2K Teacher (Wed & Thur only)                                  Sue Baker – BA in Social Sciences; PGCE

2G Teacher & Lower School English co-ordinator    Tanya Ray - BSc (Hons) in Psychology with Counselling MBPsS; MSc in Psychodynamics of Human Development (British Association of Psychotherapists); Primary QTS

1G Teacher                                                                Mr Mark Reed - BEd General Primary Education (Hons) with QTS (Durham University);  MA in Acting (Arts Educational Schools, London)

1K Teacher & Head of DT and History                       Mrs Justine Parry – BA (Hons) with QTS

RG Teacher                                                                Miss Jessica Fuller – Diploma in Primary Education - Early Years leader

RK Teacher                                                                Miss Briar Barclay – BA (Hons) English / PGCE


KS2 Teacher                                                               Mr Gregory Searle – BSc (Hons) Psychology with QTS; PGCE in Primary Education 

KS2 Teacher                                                               Miss Taleah Pecchiar – BEd in Primary Education (Australia) with QTS




Specialist Subject Areas


Head of Sport                                                              Oliver Harrington – BSc (Hons) in Sociology & Social Policy; GTP           

Head of Music                                                             Joseph Estorninho

Head of Art                                                                  Emma Elden-Ford – BA in Fine Art; PGCE

Art Teacher                                                                 Nicole Ivory – BA (Hons); PGCE

Head of French                                                           Susie Thorpe-Woods – BA (Hons) in French and Italian

French Teacher                                                          Verena Mulloy – Diplôme de Traduction in French, German and English (Geneva) with QTS                                                               

SENCO                                                                       Eve Frolish – BEd; MA in Education

SEN Teacher                                                              Caroline Donaldson – BEd (Hons) (Cantab)

SEN Teacher                                                              Emma Dimond - BSc (Hons) Geography; PGCE

Child Protection Officer                                               Susanna Gillett (see SMT list above)

Deputy Child Protection Officer                                  Giles Puckle (see SMT list above)

Sports Assistant                                                         Christian Ward – Level 1 FA Football Coach; ASA Level 1 Swimming Coach; LTA Level 1 Tennis Coach

Pianist in Residence                                                   Dawn Hardwick – BMus (Hons); PGDip; MMUS (RCM)

Digital Learning Coach                                               Daniel Towle – Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People          


Support Staff


Teaching Assistants                                                   Lucy Valvassori – Higher Level Teaching Assistant; Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People

                                                                                   Isia Acus – Diploma in interior Design; NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People

                                                                                   Elizabeth Wilson 

                                                                                   Annabel Westley

                                                                                   Gemma Mathews BA (Hons) Modern Languages (French & Italian) and European Studies

                                                                                   Archie Worthington

Sports Assistant                                                         Callum Stahlmann – BSc (Hons) in Sports Coaching Science; NVQ Level 3 in Sports   Development; Level 2 FA Football Coach; Level 2 FA Youth Module.

Learning Support Assistants                                      Lara Lindsay NANCW, London Academy Performing Arts Dip. Acting



Non-Teaching Staff


School Secretary                                                       Michelle Curtis

Admissions Secretary                                                Michelle Wadsley

P/T Secretary                                                             Catherine O'Malley – Nursing Dip

School Keepers                                                         Sanderson Rocha

                                                                                  Cristanel Nikolai 

Catering Manager                                                      Sharon Andrews

Chef                                                                            Anita Dawson

Kitchen Staff                                                               Lorna Hearn

                                                                                   Linda Brown

                                                                                   Sarah Crutcher

Bus Escort                                                                 Hewan Daniel

                                                                                   Eloise James

                                                                                   Vida Karamcukiene

Aftercare                                                                    Lucy Valvassori

                                                                                   Sarah Crutcher                      

Cleaners                                                                    Weronika Sleczka

                                                                                   Marta Kosior