Upper School

Upper School pupils (ages 7-11) also have a class teacher, but many of their lessons are given by subject specialists. For all age groups, the maximum class size is 20.


At every stage, the children are given an awareness and understanding of the world around them. Our curriculum is enlivened and enriched by visitors to the school, educational trips and clubs. We aim to relate academic learning to the real world beyond the classroom, whether this is with visits to our neighbour The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, botany lessons by the River Thames or by meeting eminent guests who come to speak at the school. Parents are often involved in this and we encourage them to bring as much as possible to the daily life of the school.


We are confident that the majority of our pupils will, without forcing, progress at a faster pace than is indicated by the National Curriculum Attainment Targets.

"Pupils leave the school equipped with excellent knowledge, understanding and skills for their age in all subjects of the curriculum, well supported by their success in an exciting range of extra-curricular activities."

"Pupils acquire an excellent understanding of scientific concepts and their investigative skills are suitably well developed."

"Pupils leave the school with excellent personal skills that equip them very well to succeed in the next stage of their education"

ISI June 2015